Myrna Hughes knows firsthand what real pressure is like. During her time as a pediatric nurse, she dealt with countless emergencies as they came up. Every time she looked into the eyes of a parent who didn’t know how to help their child, Myrna couldn’t help but feel their urgency. In a situation like that, each case is critical, each second important, and each child’s life is immeasurably valuable. Though the pressure was great, when Myrna saw the look of relief and gratitude on the faces of parents whose children were returned to them safely, she knew it was all worthwhile.
What’s Important

Myrna takes those experiences with her into her real estate career today. Sure, real estate isn’t life or death, but to Myrna, many of the same principles apply. Each home she deals with represents the largest investment many of her clients will make in their lifetime—that is something she takes very seriously. The rewards are similar, too. The look on the faces of Myrna’s clients when they have successfully reached their real estate goals is what her business is all about. To Myrna, it’s all about making people happy.
To Your Advantage

Myrna’s experience within the College Station real estate market is unquestionable. She’s owned several investment properties here, had a hand in building many homes in this area, and brings three decades of real estate expertise to the table. But equally as important is the fact that she has also been active in the community outside of her profession as both a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and as an active member in her church. If you are thinking about real estate in the Brazos Valley, call Myrna Hughes today. Find out for yourself how working with a professional who understands your needs can mean so much when you need a little help.